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Get a view from the forefront of digital innovation.


Join us at Parker Software.


You’re a bright spark with bright ideas. You’ve got passion, ambition, and a great sense of humour.


We’re on a mission to bring businesses closer to their customers, and we’re looking for talented people to step up and step in. Together, we’ll shape the digital landscape by accelerating the real-time communication revolution.

The sweeteners


We could go on about our events, but we won’t. We could preach about our meritocratic workplace culture, but we won’t. We could write paragraphs about our old-school arcade games, our Netflix-connected kitchens, our overseas opportunities, our profit share scheme, our incentives and bonuses, our great pay, our charity work… even our delightfully gluttonous “Fat Friday” policy. But we won’t.


The perks of Parker Software are in the journey. We’re growing at an accelerated pace – we’ve recently trebled our workforce, hit a record turnover and achieved 45% growth year on year. By joining us, you’re in for one heck of an exciting ride.

The squad


We’re a pretty friendly bunch here at Parker Software. But more importantly, we’re also pretty darn good at what we do. Our approach is simple: we employ great people and we trust them to crack on.  Whether it’s for our tech division, our marketing department, or our sales, finance and customer service teams, we choose the best and the brightest and let them shine.


You won’t find politics, tensions or bad attitudes here. Nor will you find hierarchy. Instead, you’ll find a team of talented, fun-loving people united by a common passion for their work. (Oh, and for a regular post-work curry, too…)


The software


As a child, do you remember the pride of taking a great piece of schoolwork home and sticking it to the refrigerator? Well, the software we create is the kind of work you’ll want to show off to your friends, family, former colleagues… even the stranger sat beside you on the train.


With a job at Parker Software, you’ll be working at a technological forefront. You’ll be working somewhere that offers a cutting-edge solution – the kind that genuinely gets people excited. And, most importantly, you’ll be working somewhere with an offering that fills you with refrigerator-pinning type pride.


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