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We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions focused around digital engagement, sales enablement and business process automation. Want to be at the forefront of next gen customer comms? You're just a conversation away.

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"We believe in business success through technological innovation. We live, breathe, eat and sleep digital solutions, and we're committed to putting empowering technology at your fingertips."

Our story


Parker Software was founded in 2003, and we rapidly became a key player in the real-time communication revolution.


Our initial wave of success was through flagship product WhosOn – our award-winning live chat software that remains the market’s most advanced solution to this day. But we were too full of ideas to stop at WhosOn.


Think Automation (known in its younger days as Email 2DB) was quick to follow, as was the ever-expanding suite which grew up around the products. With our latest addition to the Parker Software family, Prospect Agent, we’re more versatile than ever.


We’ve come a long way since ’03. We’ve expanded across Europe and the USA, built a global client base that’s 10k strong and increased our own team numbers exponentially. Our secret is simple: hard work, passion for technology and ongoing investment in innovation.  Oh, and we hire great people, too.


With no intentions of slowing down, the story is just beginning.

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UK: 0330 0882 943

US: (800) 680 7712

Worldwide: +44 330 0882 943


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Parker Software Limited

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Parker Software Inc.

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Office hours: 4am - 6pm EST


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