Delivery method


How do you want your solution served up? We recognise that every client has different needs, and we’ve designed our suite to meet them all.


Our software isn’t limited, so we don’t see why its delivery should be. You can have a cloud edition. You can install. You can go mobile. Whatever your needs, we’ve got a solution that suits.


Have a click and take your pick.


Cloud edition



Cloud is convenient. It takes the hassle out of your hands. With our cloud editions, you get your own dedicated server – which we take care of. You don’t have to worry about deployment, installations, firewalls or maintenance. We’ll do all that, leaving you free to concentrate on software capitalisation.


That doesn’t mean you have no control. We can custom configure your server as part of a fully managed service, and we’ll make sure it runs to meet your requirements. Everything is covered.



We hate delays. That’s why we’ll never put you through them. With a cloud delivery method, you get your software sharpish. Just deploy pre-written code to your site and download the client. It’s as simple as that.


But with us, speedy delivery doesn’t mean a slapdash approach. Our team is always at hand to offer everything from support and training to health checks and optimisation. You get a quick set-up coupled with considered aftercare – it’s a winning combination.




With our cloud edition, we’ll always give you the latest features and updates free of charge. And we do it automatically, too.


Our tech team is continually working on improvements. You get those upgrades for free, all as part of your package. We even do the updates for you.  Not only do we give you a technical edge, we make sure that edge stays sharp.



Installable edition


We understand that for some large enterprises, the last thing you want is your data on an external server. You need higher levels of security – which is why our software suite is also available in an installable edition.


You can install and operate our software straight from your own self-contained server, behind your own firewalls. You can store your data in your company’s MS SQL database. You can eliminate reliance on third party services. And you can do all of this while retaining the full features of the cloud edition.



Installable doesn’t mean inflexible. We’ve designed our software so that it’s customisable, giving you ownership. Even with our installable editions, you have the power to configure any solution to meet your specific needs.


It could be bespoke branding. It could be distinct rules, triggers, settings or set-up. It could be a made to order request that our tech team specially develop. Whatever you need, our installable edition is expansive enough to meet it.



By installing, you can take our software and run. But we’ll still give you a fully managed service, so that you get self-sufficiency backed by ongoing support. It’s a best of both worlds approach.


We’ll never just disappear after we’ve made a sale. Our professional services team helps you install, implement and integrate. They’ll offer regular health checks, optimisation advice, and training and support either on or off site. There’s a reason we’ve been around for over a decade – experience our service for yourself.


Mobile edition


You need to be where your customers are. With our mobile-friendly suite, you can be. This is the digital age, and we’re no longer confined by desktop computers. We’re doing business on the go, across a number of touch points and devices.


Our software is mobile ready so that you can stay mobile – keeping you empowered anywhere, anytime. We’re all about enablement, and we’ve developed our suite to ensure you’re not missing out on opportunities. Ready to extend your reach?




Mobile ready software is no use if it’s not also mobile responsive. We’ve covered both bases. Not only do we detect mobile use, we also respond to it by creating a different and improved customer experience.


You can live chat via mobile. You can make call backs, get SMS alerts, send automated SMS messages, watch live visitor activity, offer a personalised mobile CX… there’s a long list of capabilities. Let us show you, not tell you.



Never worry about potential security vulnerabilities. There’s a resounding fear that mobile is less secure than traditional computing. Not with our suite. Our mobile editions have been developed with stringent security protocols, eliminating risk wherever you are.


We also eliminate forced inactivity. Across each of our editions – mobile included – we boast 99.9% uptime. Get a fixed solution, even when you’re mobile.




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