Digital contact centre


The traditional contact centre is dead. Its killer? The digital explosion.


Long gone are the days when your customers would get in touch using the telephone alone. They’re tweeting you, they’re texting, they’re emailing, they’re sending live chats, they’re submitting web forms… they’re flooding your business with communications from every angle, in short. Your customer service agents are stretched. And let’s face it, that’s not a great recipe for success.


Your problem can be solved in 3 words: digital contact centre. You need cohesion. We can give you a comprehensive solution that brings all your inbound messages together in one place – putting you where your customers are, right when they need you.


Get 360° connectivity.


Forget fragmentation


The last thing you want is a barrage of piece-meal inbound messages. It’s not manageable, and it’s going to result in missed communications, misfired responses and ultimately, unhappy customers.


We’ve done something about it. We’ve changed the face of customer service, and we’ve done it by uniting all your comms under one umbrella.


We deliver an omni-channel experience via...



42% of UK shoppers rely on email for simple customer service enquiries. And in the age of the empowered consumer, email responses are expected within just one hour. Don’t sweat it – we’ve got it covered.


We’ll parse your emails. We’ll bring them all together in a single, live touchpoint. We’ll process them using our automation technology. We’ll update your CRM and Office 365 account, and we can also send automated responses to frequently asked questions.


Make your life easier.




We can’t read minds, but we can read voices. An effective digital contact centre needs to bring together all your inbound comms across all mediums, and we haven’t neglected voice messages. You’ll love our voice detection software.


We’ll give you an example. Let’s say a customer calls and leaves a voicemail. We can translate that into text and update the content within your CRM. Or let’s say a customer is waiting to speak to an agent. We can identify key words which trigger an appropriate transcript and run relevant actions.


Go next-generation.


Live chat


We’re live chat specialists. No one knows better than us that live chat has fast become the new standard for customer care, and we’ll provide you with the most advanced option in the market. Seriously, we do mean most advanced.


With our live chat service integrated as part of your digital contact centre, you also get web analytics, video, tailored CX, prospect detection and campaign management. You get language translation, skills based routing, full systems integration, pre and post chat surveys… We could go on, but it’d be easier if you check out our WhosOn product directly.


Sharpen your edge.




Your customers are getting in touch through web forms. The odds are, those messages aren’t reaching your contact centre in anywhere near real-time. We’ve fixed that.


In the same live dashboard that streams and systematises all messages, you’ll also find customer comms submitted via your website. It could be a review, a data capture form, a feedback page or a blog comment. Whatever the source, we’ll make sure it reaches your agents in moments.


Kindle your call centre.


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Give service the smart way


A digital contact centre isn’t just going to make your customers happy. It’s going to make everyone in your business happier, too.


Your agents will love their new, easier lives. Your marketing team will love the instant access to data and analytics. Your sales team will love the actionable, real-time leads. Your directors will love the spike in customer satisfaction and profitability.


Empower everyone.


We sharpen your intelligence with

Systems integration


As you’ve probably gathered by now, we believe in creating cohesion. Our digital contact centre solution does just that, and it does it by integrating across your full software suite.


Picture that efficiency. Your inbound calls from customers will automatically be synced with your CRM. So will your emails, live chats, social messages, web forms… you get the idea. Our software does the updates for you, so that you don’t have to waste time on admin.


But that’s not all. We can schedule meetings in your Outlook calendar, we can load your telephony systems with numbers you need to call, we can send and parse SMS text messages, add real-time data to the cloud or to SharePoint… you really need to see this for yourself.


Adopt interconnectivity.

Real-time reporting


Want access to real-time reports? No problem. Want to monitor how your agents are doing and how well they’re responding? Still no problem. Want to identify recurring customer pain points? Again, not a problem.


Our digital contact centre offers a custom created management toolset kit, giving insights on everything from communication trends through to employee performance analysis. You have 80 pre-defined reports at your disposal, as well as any number of custom reports. You can discreetly monitor agents as they respond to queries and even step in where necessary. You can retrieve interactions, review them, and offer reactionary employee praise or support.


Keep your finger on the pulse.

Insight generation


Any contact centre allows you to be reactive. We do more. We enable proactivity. Our digital contact centre comes complete with unparalleled insights into your online customers, giving you the tools to reach out and address their current and future needs.


Not only can you offer immediate resolutions via a live dashboard of inbound comms, you can also capitalise on inbuilt tracking software. So, let’s say a customer started the payment process and then clicked back. Your agents will know about the shopping cart abandonment that same second, and can reach out with a personalised message. Or let’s say a customer started filling out a form, then left. Your agents will still be able to capture that information (even though it wasn’t submitted), and they’ll also be able to see which point in the journey made the customer lose interest.


Get smart.

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