Security is at our core.

Our solutions are built from the bottom up with security in mind. Leading digital technology requires leading security to protect customers and businesses alike. To address these risks, we offer comprehensive security policies and practises, underpinned by cutting edge technology.

Cloud or installable


No matter how secure the cloud platform on offer, many businesses will always choose to keep data in house. We understand that, which is why we’ve developed an installable solution that can be deployed on your own server and protected in the same way you protect the rest of your data. This offers obvious advantages for highly regulated industries such as financial services, government and health. You have total control over your data, your firewalls, the security policies you implement and the security systems you put into place.


Our cloud edition offers best in class levels of security, too. We work with partners in highly regulated industries such as financial services, which has helped shape our water-tight security over the past 15 years.


So, let’s get into the nitty gritty about how we protect your data.


All live communication sessions are established via a secure connection, secured over an initial 2048 bit RSA exchange followed by an exchange of a 128-bit session key, produced through an SSL V3 certificate. This uses a trusted public certificate authority to ensure the authenticity of the Parker Software application server. Requested connections are monitored and filtered by our firewalls, ensuring only valid requests will launch a session between the visitor and the Parker Software application servers.


We use data centres to house the physical location and security of our applications and database servers. These data centres are operated by recognised industry leaders, GoGrid for US based servers, based in San Francisco, California, USA, and Rackspace for UK based servers, based in Middlesex, UK.


Our employees are an essential component to the security and availability of the network, applications and customer data, reference and background checks are performed for every employee in compliance with applicable laws. Parker Software Code of Conduct and mandatory training ensure that all employees conduct themselves in a highly professional manner, particularly in regard to customer data.

These data centres use advanced security equipment, techniques and procedures to prevent unauthorised access to its facilities. Most of the security methods utilised by the data centres are confidential, but some of the more visible methods include:


•             Video and audio monitoring equipment, including 24/7 on-site guards.

•             State of the art fire detection and suppression systems.

•             Redundant power supply with UPS backups and on-site diesel generators.



User management is fundamental to any security strategy. User authentication and user authorisation through access rights are vital tools to maintain security and are all available.  We offer the user management and security features needed for a secure connection between agents and the application server. You have the ability to set up user accounts for each individual who may wish to use the system. Each account has a unique username and a password. You also have the ability to customise access rights and permission levels to match each particular user’s business requirements; administrators can adapt these at any time.

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