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Make short work of support


A good support desk is simple, but able to cope with complex demands. It’s omni-channel, but cohesive. It’s quick, but comprehensive.


But you already know that, which is why you’ll love the solution we’ve built. Our support desk is a product of the (r)evolution of digital communication, and it’s going to help you deliver forward-thinking customer care.



Your customers need support. As your inundated agents will no doubt tell you, they’re requesting this support across a variety of channels. So, you need a help desk that allows you to create tickets across each of these channels: be it live chat, email, telephone, web form or social media.


That’s just what our solution does. You can create tickets manually or import them directly from any incoming source, so that you can provide support wherever it’s needed. Those tickets can include any number of custom fields and attachments, to make reaching a solution as speedy as possible.


But that’s not all. We can also automatically send tickets to the agent best equipped to handle them, based on real-time keyword intelligence. Oh, and we can also send ticket responses to the customer’s email address for confirmation and added clarity. Convenient, right?

Remote desktop control


Sometimes, you need a more hands-on approach to reach a solution. It’s not always possible to give the level of support needed without stepping in, and that’s why we’ve integrated remote desktop control with our support desk solution.


Let’s say that a customer is experiencing a complex technical difficulty – the kind that’s difficult to explain over the phone. If it’s difficult to explain, it’s difficult to resolve. So, we’ve made reaching that resolution easier by offering full remote desktop sharing sessions.


Your agents can see and control the customer’s desktop, helping solve issues quickly and effectively. No cross customers, no crossed wires.

Knowledge base integration


A support desk shouldn’t be stand-alone. The things you say and do in your support desk affect and are affected by every part of your business, and take wisdom from every department.


You need a solution that reflects that – one that puts no barriers between your agents and the knowledge they need. Enter knowledge base integration. As part of our offering, we sync transcripts from support desk dialogues with your knowledge base. Managers or agents can send messages to a central portal at the click of a button.


The result? All those solutions, all those exemplar customer service examples, all that reusable and still relevant content from customer support sessions… it’s all in one place. Keep your expertise accessible.

Skills based routing


“I’m afraid I don’t know, let me find somebody to help.”

“That would be a question for the IT department, I’ll just see if I can get someone…”

“Sorry, that’s not really my area. Just bear with me while I transfer you over.”


Never say any of those phrases again. With our skills based routing, tickets will automatically be sent to the right operator with the right expertise. We use inbuilt skill selection rules to match the support request with the appropriate agent, preventing any sloppy service delays.


Your customers won’t have to wait for help. Your agents won’t have to deal with queries they can’t answer. Your support desk won’t suggest ineptitude. Seriously, everyone wins with this scenario.



Take a more proactive approach to customer support. Reacting to user problems efficiently is one thing, but helping prevent them is another. Do both with our co-browsing feature.


We’ve made co-browsing possible, allowing you to see what your online visitors are seeing on their screens and what kind of actions they’re taking. The opportunities opened up by this are extensive.  You can see if a visitor is having difficulties on a payment page, for example, or if they’ve been floundering in your FAQ pages for an overlong time. Then, you can reach out and offer assistance via live chat, before they’ve even raised a ticket. How about that for exceptional support?


But the implications spread further. You can analyse surfing habits and identify common issues, using real-time data to optimise your site and prevent problems before they even surface. Make your support desk sensational.


Agent management


When we said that this is a solution that supports agents just as much as customers, we meant it. With our support desk, managers get peace of mind and agents get support.


We know that giving consistent quality service is tough. So, we’ve incorporated a feature-rich management toolset, ensuring your customer service always meet your company’s high standards. Supervisors can discreetly monitor sessions and provide real-time training and guidance, ensuring both quality and consistency in communications. We’ve made it possible for your managers to send helpful ‘whisper’ messages to operators requiring assistance, to ensure full coverage by setting agent chat schedules, and to create rules for routing chats based on skillset group. It’s ideal.


Let’s not forget the agent’s perspective, either. Your operators can request to be monitored, get real-time support and transfer any escalating tickets.  Whoever said ‘you can’t please everyone’ never encountered this product.


Operator to operator chat


A great support desk needs collaboration. Our operator to operator chat enables quick, easy company communications via live chat rooms – so that support is as far-reaching internally as it is externally.


Operators can hold or join group chats, share information, files, news, suggested improvements…you get the idea here. Now, that’s not to say they’ll be getting distracted, as chat topics can be monitored by managers. It’s all about relevant, timely assistance, from the people best placed to provide it.


Think of it as a universal support desk that gives 360° help; whether the person in need is a customer or an employee. Group effort has never been so effortless.


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