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Unburden yourself. Think Automation is a uniquely advanced business process automation solution, and it's going to take the weight off your workload.



Complex task? Automate it. Think Automation can parse data from messages and integrate them with your database. It can process the data sent within emails, social feeds and web forms. It can run sophisticated automatic responses based on triggers. In short, it’s your new best friend.


How do you like the sound of accelerated company growth? Think Automation can make it a reality. Automating your processes means no more errors, no more costs, no more time wasted and no staff time poorly spent. You get efficiency, and with it comes opportunity.


Allow us to alleviate your resource challenges. Think Automation takes a myriad of manual processes out of your hands, leaving you with time to work on your business rather than in it. Relieve your pressure points. And as you do, see workplace productivity and morale spike.

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Be safe, not sorry

Eliminate security worries. Most web forms use ASP, PHP or CGI to update a database or perform an action. That’s inherently insecure, and that’s why Think Automation doesn’t need web access to operate. We process your messages without separate servers, without risk. Keep your data safe.

Installable functionality


When you buy Think Automation, you buy peace of mind. Our software is installable, and it runs from your own server, from behind your own firewalls. That means no rolling charges, no third party dependency and no security issues.


You still get full support, and you don’t lose out on any features. But ultimately, we’re flexible. Whether you choose to install or choose to take advantage of our hosted option, Think Automation is going to enrich your working life.

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